Many services provide filtering, but any filtering system is only as effective as the criteria used to determine what to filter. The TotalNetGuard filter is designed to protect the entire family and the criteria used was chosen to protect us from Internet material that can hurt our relationships, our finances, our health, etc. Most filters block the hardcore stuff, but a good filter sifts through all areas that are destructive. For example, the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit site is erotic. It is intended to be erotic, turning young women into sex objects. It is not about sports in any way shape or form. A good filter can detect and protect your family from material morally and spiritually destructive.

Why does my family need filtered Internet?

Why TotalNetGuard filtering?

What is a filter override?

But will it block the good stuff too?

I already have Norton, McAfee, etc, why do I need TotalNetGuard?

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