A filter override is the ability to deactivate a filter with a password override. At TotalNetGuard, we believe a password override makes a filter almost worthless because the individual most likely to need the filter is also the person most likely to deactivate the filter when it is needed the most. Most teenagers and even some children can figure out how to bypass parental controls or other filters that allow an override. A common misconception is that filters are needed for children. The truth is that adults are more frequently harmed than children by immoral Internet material. A recent survey revealed the shocking fact that two out of three Internet victims are adults! A good filter protects your entire family.

Why does my family need filtered Internet?

Why TotalNetGuard filtering?

What is a filter override?

But will it block the good stuff too?

I already have Norton, McAfee, etc, why do I need TotalNetGuard?

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